The World-Cultural-Shock


The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe

From the Line

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

United Nations/ CO

European Union

USA/ Brussels

Luebeck, August 5, 2023

Worldwide 20. 000 fliers on the run at the same time!
That German-language document you may find here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs,

Unfortunately the thought comes to my person again that the UFOs already recognized and/or sighted by my person will arrive again.
Under quite certain criteria my person could grasp the seriousness of the situation in the garden plant Hohewarte II in Luebeck on 25 May 2023 about 9:15 o'clock, however, the whole also has a small prehistory which could possibly be connected with it.

However, my person cannot " trumpet " everything in this context, especially if dangerous incidents are personified in the garden complex and thus no and certainly not a written information is possible. Since my person is Christian and therefore the Advent time can be interpreted as the arrival time, my person as one of the responsible persons in the matter has quartered herself during this time some days in the above-mentioned garden plant, in the hope of an arrival of the UFOs to be expected.

But at this time in the middle/end of December 2022 the Wakenitz (small tributary of the Trave) was frozen and thus the hope for a real arrival dwindled clearly, since the lakes, rivers and oceans will be meant for this kind of the UFOs.

On December 22, shortly before Christmas Eve my person had to pack up thus her belongings and again to go back to her life companion (prince W. ) into the dwelling Am Aehrenfeld.

But while my person was actually a bit disappointed to have to leave the garden house undone, I looked again into one of my WLAN-surveillance cameras and could not believe my eyes.
This running pictures were very strange for an IP camera and if you looked closely, you could see one or more metropolis seen by "something technical" transferred into my IP camera.

In a similar way, these consumed images occur very often via DVBT or TV- SAT transmission, but you can usually clearly see that there is no other image, but the broadcasted image of the station behind this interference.

Since by the mentioned IP camera of TP-Link the described transmission lasted, my person took photos as well as videos with the IP camera, whereby the IP camera stood and was installed at that time in the same direction, from which then on 25 May 2023 the for my person bearable way of a sighting of the UFOs was perceived.

The more exact information my person communicated personally to King Juergen and so I would like to request you hereby to deliver also this information to our King.
After this communication was made, my sister brought a small light aluminum stool into the garden the next day or the day after, and the "plate" of the stool looked almost exactly like the said UFOs. 

Last but not least, my sister placed the stool directly where indirectly the sighting of the UFOs took place. The exact optical difference was due to the edge "of the plate", which is rounded on the stool, but was definitely angular or edged on the UFOs. 

Of course, it is possible that some psycho guy from the Hanseatic City of Luebeck deliberately provided the aluminum stool for my sister to take away free of charge, since a few days earlier the written report of the UFO sighting to the psychological service was made by my person.

But unfortunately my person does not get a clear information from any side in the matter and thus now speculations* follow, which could be probably partly correct, but probably other persons or person circles can judge more exactly or more correctly, what will be correct and important in the matter in this regard.

After the opinion of my person there is at least one strange deity which rules a highly technical world and these above-mentioned UFOs could have come from this strange world which could have visited possibly already 2500 or 3000 years ago or rather the earth, as it may be recognizable in Egypt as world cultural heritage in the pyramids cut in stone.

This said deity has been coupled according to my formation of opinion with living and already deceased personalities or persons of the end time, and this coupling will come from the universe and will be subordinated to the Creation, whereby these personalities are known to my person, but certainly must not be mentioned by name.
It is possible or even probable from the point of view of my person that already thousands of years ago people (Egyptians, Jordanians) have been enslaved and carried off by aliens or by this deity and thus a stable connection to the Creation may have arisen.

To this my person would like to add that according to the opinion of my person in the universe there could be actually a kind of "planet of the apes" and also there an enslavement by the same above-mentioned deity might be possible or even a mutual or even multiple war maneuvers of most different kinds in far distant galaxies of the universe could take place.

To come back to these UFOs sighted by my person, it would be possible or to assume that they are subordinated to a control and additionally take or have taken a parallel world of our world as a kind of visual fiction, which was already transferred to the human spirit by the Creation, in that visual games take place in the Internet or in the TV and are operated by many young people respectively visual attackers are fought in the computer games.

Nevertheless, these UFOs will also be real and in large numbers; they are probably different from those which do not come from the space known to us, i. e. from the adjacent space and must be expected; possibly these UFOs differ optically only by the outer edge mentioned.

Whether these sighted UFOs are hostile or even, as already arrived, could be steered by the Creation* God's servant* ?) and remain harmless, but remains presumably reciprocally open and can turn around, which may stand in a connection with the "devilish games" also of mankind.

Since the devil or the devilish spirit of the time which has become powerful, dominates the majority of the whole mankind and goes through all cultures, it must be reckoned with the fact that if something comes down from the air space also something can go up, which could be very disastrous and devilish.

Conversely, it could mean that if, for example, 20,000 scheduled flights, each carrying 150 passengers, were to take place simultaneously and occupy the airspace, an invasion could come down en masse if the trigger or bearer(s) for this "threatening law of nature" were not found in time.

If the trigger for this reciprocity should have been found, then an access barrier for this threat must be found which must likewise take effect by the bearers of the Creation therefore by predetermined persons, so that a return of the UFOs to the earth can take place, but no return of the persons into the beyond will take place.

For this barrier several groups of persons can be used, whereby especially psychically preloaded persons could belong to it or persons who are no longer in the norm, but form their life outside of the norm with same-sex partners. Also the intake of certain medicines, which work in the metabolism or can affect the heart and the nerves, would be possibly suitable or thought as a barrier for the exit into the beyond.

Particularly "out of the line" are at present naturally "clergymen", whereby there are and must always be distinctions in the personality of each human being.

Thus these UFOs are also the harbingers for the UFOs to be expected from the adjacent strange universe, which can be equipped with extremely dangerous possibilities, but will consist with a high portion of the Creation.
Of course, one has to deal with it first and a preliminary work has to be done, so that one can find out who or what is the trigger and who or what embodies the barrier.

Furthermore one should try to find out where on the world an invasion of these UFOs of the strange deity will take place or will arrive and whether this invasion is steered parallel in visual formation to the carrier(s) in Luebeck (control center of the world) in order to be able to suppress and end the hostility.

In addition the selected photos (metropolises) in the various homepages of my person could possibly offer a clue, which could concern this and possibly a further strange but clunky kind coming from our universe.

However, the latter clunky kind will not be able to be neutralized and will be wanted or meant for the end and for the destruction of the earth, respectively, and will be to be understood as damage limitation for the Creation itself, should the human being show himself undiscerning and refuse the service by the Crown, by the simple human being wants to move on the same level with the Creator and will therefore stab the Creator in the back! (Abortions and mass deaths by hunger must be stopped!).

The urgently to be expected kind coming from the adjacent universe cannot be abolished or neutralized logically completely, because the almighty Creation is immortal and can certainly not abolish itself.

Possibly my person has become too distrustful and too cautious in the meantime and would want to undertake the journey to Moscow offered by my person by the train first class for this reason. Possibly this behavior is nevertheless the correct answer to the many questions which still must be answered and will arise, but possibly the Monumental Area* has already brought everything under control in this regard and has given "green light", as already once happened!

So my person hopes for a very soon turn of the devilish behavior concerning the general and special duty of information of every citizen.

 With kind regards Ursula Sabisch


* 07.08.2023 Document reviewed.

HP: The sacrament of the Eucharist (Lord's Supper) in the Roman Catholic Church has become at the end of the time rather the direct meeting point with the "devil" and this is unfortunately no speculative communication, because one can recognize this clearly at the good little sheep! 

This highly explosive field should be left absolutely and exclusively to the Protestantism for the duration of the transition period, because this branching off of the Christian church will be meant for that!

Info on 14.10.2023

If you recognize strange objects in the sky and feel threatened or get scared, then it would be advisable to switch off the light and turn off all TV-SAT connections. 

This means, leave the WLAN connection on, but still turn off the DVBT and SAT TV respectively receiver and the light, and then stay as quiet as possible and wait!

The World-Cultural-Shock


The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe