• Es wird Zeit für eine klare Richtung!

  • Machen Sie es sich bequem aber bitte nur, wenn eine entsprechende Gegenleistung in der Sache und im Auftrag erfolgen wird!




  • As well as it becomes more and more clearly recognizable, there is not to lose any more a lot; one just can win.




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Either or!

The nicest trips of all are absolutely, nevertheless, the trips, which can cause a positive turn in life also for other people.

The world becomes not better on a continuing basis and life becomes not surer for everybody, if the one person must as a matter go begging and the other one hand over to the begging one somewhat of his "big piece of cakes" by a holiday mood.

If one can stay abroad only in separate tourist regions, one cannot know on site anymore the everyday life of the locals and does not learn to understand that culture. Therefore one is depending on the reports via TV.

There is for everything a solution, just one must be able to recognise as a traveller that a planning is given by this huge and worldwide tourism, which mainly the environment has sponsored and must "pay extra" for a long time!

Here and in the Pages performed below you and others get to know more about the solution for a worth living future of all people, whose may stay on earth "" and for all people whose must go ""!

Of course there is an alternative in disregard and refusal to obey an order in the matter and by commission of our all Creator, too, besides everybody "pays extra" in an endless loop!!

Every  Homepage is an unique item and concerning the contents extremely valuably!


Here on side below some of these Pages are linked and therefore are simply to be reached, so that everybody can find out more about the true reality.



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